Among all the services that OMMO SCSB provides, we take particular pride in key services that are both beneficial to and cost effective for our customers.
We supply and consolidate an assortment of produce. This yields great time and cost savings for customers, who would then not have to manage and negotiate with number of different suppliers daily.
With our packing house’s “Operation Process” in place, we simplify and reduce customer handling time and cost.
We are accepted as the subscriber of the GS1 System in Malaysia, operated and managed by the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers. Therefore, we can provide:-
• Unique barcoding facility; this eliminates the need for in-house labeling process by our customers.
• Flexibility in packing size and type; we are able to provide exclusive and customised packaging for branding purposes.
We utilise modern office automation system with 24 hours standby service. This system enables us to receive the customer’s purchase order via fax, which is then converted into digital format. Our personnel are then alerted through email, during anytime of the day. This reduces customer’s lead time for placing orders and significantly reduces their risk of over or under ordering. Customers can place their orders, at their convenience and unrestricted by the typical office hours.
A hotline is available 24 hours a day for contingency support. This is extremely useful for the urgent last minute amendment or arrangement, if so required.
Furthermore, we ensure freshness by providing daily delivery, 362 days a year, throughout Klang Valley. This significantly reduces our customers’ storage and handling costs.